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a lolita-wearing sword-wielding super sweet and lovely wife is what i need in life


Kill La Kill Charms are now for sale on my storenvy!

They feature Ryuko, Satsuki, Mako and the Elite Four~

Any purchases or reblogs to spread the word are much appreciated! Thanks again for all your support! C:

eeeee so cute!

ice ladies wip



finished satsuki today!! i want to draw ryuko and upload the two of them as a set :3

large version + closeups of banner art for the fantastic lolita-tips!!

the sunrise was very yellow the other morning and it looked like doomsday


I can’t swim, the Scientist admitted.

Then don’t let go of my hand and you won’t have to, replied Nameless.

I LOVE your drawing style! thank you so much for sharing your drawings with us on this blog! (I found it via the Tooru Amano tag.)

omg thank you anon, your message made me so happy :)

the devil’s human servant and the human’s demon servant


Mericcup parallels requested by a-way-to-the-wisps


"Life fiber Synchronize: Kamui Senketsu!"
"Life fiber Override: Kamui Junketsu!"

youkai control